About GMW.cn

GMW.cn, official website of Guangming Daily, also called Guangming Online, is one of the major central news websites and a leader in innovation and media convergence.

GMW.cn was founded in 1998. It is one of the earliest news websites in China. And it also is the only key central news portal focusing on ideology and theory.

For more than the past decade, GMW.cn has inherited Guangming Daily's fine traditions in such areas as education, science and technology, culture and ideology. Thanks to its strenuous trail-blazing efforts in the new media realm, the website has achieved substantial popularity and impacts.

Targeted specifically at the intellectual and academic communities, GMW.cn positions itself as the "Spiritual homeland on the Internet for intellectuals”, and an “authoritative website on ideology, theory and culture". It makes full use of advanced communication technologies and platforms to facilitate the expression and exchange of ideas as well as the dissemination of cultural information. We at GMW.cn are dedicated to providing an open platform for public discourse on the Internet.

[ Editor: Zeng Fanhua ]