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Villager constructs homemade transformer 2012-09-04 15:17:52 By:Global Times  BBS of GMW.CN

A resident of Heping village in Jinan, Shandong Province, spent six months and about 70,000 yuan ($11,025) creating his very own "transformer."

The inventor, surnamed Liu, is a transformer enthusiast. He said while there are many models of transformers on the market, most of them cannot really "transform" or "move." So he decided to produce a real transformer.

His machine can stand up, thanks to its hydraulic lifting equipment, to become a 4.8-meter-tall robot. As a vehicle, it can move at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour, and is powered by electricity.

On the chest of the robot, there are two screens that can display information about the transformer, as well as advertisements, according to its inventor.

Liu said that his ultimate goal is to establish a theme park centered on transformers.

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