China's "Smart" phenomenon

"Smart" is a new phenomenon in China. It represents a group of young Chinese who are around 20 years old and have strange hair style. Most of them have low education level and don't have jobs. Because of lacking skills to survive, the Smart usually live in big cities with low income.


The Chinese pronunciation is Shamate, which is transliterated from the English word smart. But the definition is completely different. Because of their cheap clothes, exaggerated hair style and odd make-up, the smart are thought to be the representitives of philistinism. Compared with the modern cities, this kind of people seems aliens to others.

The main reason of this phenomenon is that the migrants from urban to big cities and the high speed of development.

How can we treat this phenomenon? According to the statistics, the migrants will be larger and larger in the future. And the group of Smart will be stronger and stronger. What should we do to help them to find the right identifications?

[ Editor: mali ]