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In 2014, we shall be closer to our dreams!
 2014-01-11 09:10  BBS of GMW.CN

As great changes continue, we have no idea if the future would be better, however, the year 2014, along with great changes, is just around the corner. We are coming from a troubled year, towards a more extraordinary one. Because of numerous dreams and boundless happiness, every minute and second we shall spend will be the annals of “Personal Tailor”.

In 2014, we hope that there won’t be so much thrilling experiences to astonish our “little friends. Security on the tip of the tongue shall no longer be a topic for pure talking; issues such as controversy over transgenic engineering, rebuilding public trust for dairy industry, various unwritten rules in food industry, are expected to settle down in 2014, and will not eventually be left unfinished news as “rice with cadmium”, “dead pigs in the Huangpu river”, "Wang Lin event".

In 2014, we may not make friends with “Tuhao”, but want to be closer with fairness and justice. Reeducation through labor ended, but one may still be persecuted for petitioning; the same rules apply to celebrities and the common people, but yet the disputes on the internet persist; anti-corruption has become a buzzword in China in 2013, but the flies and tigers are still there; judicial reform is about to deepen, but the unfairness in individual cases still exist... With law helping us with public order and good custom, we are not worried about the corruption of morals, but afraid of indolent rule of law. In 2014, the “Constitution” may reflect the orientation towards fairness and justice with warmer light.

In 2014, perhaps no one will interview the average people on the streets about their happiness, but the clearness and smoothness in everyday lives are more comforting than great territory. You may wonder what kind of person should you be in 2014 - what about "Chinese Dama"? In 2013, they had rushed for gold, for Bitcoin, for house property overseas, and even danced square dances all over the world. They loved investment, entertainment, and yet enjoyed time with family, making the Oxford dictionary wonder whether the phrase "Dama" should be included. Maybe this is the life we want: numerous money, time, great freedom, harmonious family, delightful life, blustery life attitude, as well as enviable and fashionable rhythm of life. Of course, nothing is happier than being unique and being well throughout the life.

As to China, 2014 is a starting year for solid work. We came from the dream of "Shenzhou10" and "Chang'e spacecraft", experienced a market-oriented period of changing gear and climbing”. We certainly know that the deepwater is still diving, "hard bones" are still very stiff. From income distribution to the household registration system, from the pension system to postponed retirement, from monopoly to decentralization...all of these are concerns and expectations in 2014. Fortunately, consensus has been reached:enduring the painful reform today is paving roads for colorful future.

The most hardworking Chinese are tired but happy. Even if one wants to give up, life has to goes on. Compared with the universe, we are small and humble, but with rights, interests and freedom, we are capitalized and strong Chinese characters. Winter shall pass in the end. Without the sea, we can still have bloomy spring. This is the continuous and endless power that comes from our mind ,develops from our character, and gets strong for our beliefs and veneration. Past have to pass, and future will arrive any way. The attitudes of individuals are expressions of the time. Life is becoming more and more vigorous.

Today, no matter you are on the road or are keeping watching, no matter you are yelling or dwelling in the wells, no matter you were striving for every penny or making your way painfully, we are sharing weal and woe, and have no way back. Even in the coldest winter, as long as we sow the seeds of freedom and harmony, forgiveness and religion, we can expect the flowers in next spring. Let us hold pain and optimism in our arms, running towards different dreams and say: hello, 2014!

(Translated by Li Juan.)

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