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Launching the first year of comprehensively deepening reforms– China 2014 Preview ①
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Launching the first year of comprehensively deepening reforms– China 2014 Preview ①

2014, the second year in office for China’s new leadership, is seen as China’s first year of comprehensively deepening reforms. At present, reform is a consensus in China. This year, schemes for many major reforms, including details of the income distribution reform and old-age pension, which are matters of national economy and people’s livelihood, will be released. Reform will give powerful energy to the 65-year-old People’s Republic of China,. Meanwhile, let’s see what reform can bring to the world.

1.The 65th anniversary of the People’s Republic: the first year of comprehensively deepening reform.

New China will celebrate its 65th anniversary this year. Against the background of the existence of various interest groups, reform becomes a consensus.

The year of 2013 is seen as the new start of China’s reforms. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party held in 2013, a “key conference” to update China’s reform , proposed the new view of “comprehensively deepening reforms”. Soon after that, The Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reforms was released. The word “reform” was mentioned 137 times in the 20,000-word document.

A blueprint was drawn and the curtain of reform was raised. Analysts said at least 23 of the 60 programs in 15 fields are being launched and details are being discussed.

The year of 2014 is seen as a year of comprehensively deepening reforms and a year to verify whether the above reforms could be implemented. People are expecting more in 2014, such as new “two-child” rules, details of income distribution reform, new-type urbanization project, reform of the real estate registration system, education reform, pension system and so on. Besides, the public are looking forward to new progress of national defense and army reforms.

2. Detailed rules for income distribution reform to be released and unification of pension systems in prospect

Launching the first year of comprehensively deepening reforms– China 2014 Preview ①

A document of reform guidelines on income distribution was published at the beginning of 2013 amid growing public concerns over a widening wealth gap. Details of the reform are expected to come out in 2014.

Xu Shaoshi, director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), said at the recent National Development and Reform Work Conference that the NDRC will coordinate and promote the making of detailed rules for income distribution reform and make efforts to increase the wealth of urban and rural residents especially the lower-income group.

The National Bureau of Statistics reported China’s Gini coefficient for the first time in 2013: China’s Gini coefficient has been above 0.4 for 10 years, the internationally accepted alert line. The public are expecting to promote reform as soon as possible to narrow the income gap.

It should be noted that multi-tiered pension system, the most controversial topic of income distribution reform, will be solved this year. Yin Weimin, the minister of Human Resources and Social Security (HRSS), said at the Work Conference of National Human Resources and Social Security that in 2014 China will promote the pension system of the workers with government and government-sponsored institutions and focus on solving “multi-tiered” and “multi-layered” pension system problems.

Translated by Zhou Yueqin

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