"Shared responsibility" emphasized

Premier Li Keqiang set out a vision of "shared responsibility" as one of three pillars for the Asian community at a major regional conference on Thursday.

He also stated Beijing's determination to handle territorial provocations.

"We will give total support to initiatives that help strengthen maritime cooperation. On the other hand, we will respond resolutely to provocations that undermine peace and stability in the South China Sea," Li said at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference.

Li did not refer to any country by name, but the Philippines recently initiated a number of inflammatory actions to boost its illegal claims on China's Ren'ai Reef and Huangyan Island in the South China Sea.

Li mentioned the situation as he explained his vision about an Asian "community of shared responsibility". To achieve this goal, Li highlighted the need for greater combined efforts to "secure the overall climate of peaceful development".

On the economic front, Li said Asian countries need to build a community of "shared interests" and "common destiny" - the other two pillars - in order to weather financial storms and boost regional economic cooperation and free trade.

Experts in regional affairs said this was the first time a top figure in China enunciated the concept of the "three pillars of the Asian community".

Wang Dong, director of the Center for Northeast Asian Strategic Studies at Peking University, said the premier set out a strong and convincing argument to tell the world that China is fully shouldering its duties as a major power.

"There have been a large number of voices accusing China of behaving irresponsibly, and accusing it of posing a threat to Asia regarding territorial issues. Li has made it clear that China is dedicated to guarding the peace and China will not be swerved by political conspiracies," Wang said.

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