Comments on White Paper issued by the Central Government

Commentator Du Ping:

It is the first time for the central government to issue the white paper in last seventeen years. The white paper mainly talks about the practice of the “One country, two systems” policy. We can say that it is basically successful. The British government would not use this way to govern Hong Kong when it established a colony in Hong Kong. That’s to say, it could not support Hong Kong like what Chinese government is doing. So the white paper’s keynote is reviewing past achievements in a simple and soft way.

Of course, it also mentions that there are still some problems and arguments about Hong Kong in Chapter V. The central government has made a lot comprehensive explanations in a soft way. Actually, in my opinion, the problems and policies in the white paper are acceptable to most Hong Kong citizens. Maybe there are still a small number of people think they are too bitter, but just like Chinese old saying goes, good medicine is bitter.

And the central government doesn’t pose in a condescending way even on some relatively fundamental issues. Instead, it shows respect to Hong Kong and makes some explanations on those issues. In essence, it will play a guiding role in Hong Kong’s future development. It means that Hong Kong must pursue greater development in a stable and sound way according to basic policies instead of falling into a wrong path.

Commentator He Liangliang:

In my opinion, it’s actually a targeted white paper. On one hand, as seventeen years has passed since Hong Kong’s return to China, the central government needs to make a comprehensive summing-up on the practice of “One country, two systems”policy. I think its main contents are about law. Because some Hong Kong citizens are still not clear about the concept of “One country, two systems” in law.

On the other hand, the white paper has mentioned that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has the rights of interpretation and modification on the Basic Law of Hong Kong. Although some opposition faction in Hong Kong think that the central government issues the white paper is aiming at their so-called referendum on June 22, it actually aims at helping Hong Kong citizens know about the Basic Law of Hong Kong comprehensively.

[ Editor: Kevin ]