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Xi stresses philosophy, social sciences for socialist development, highlights Chinese characteristics

Xi stresses philosophy, social sciences for socialist development, highlights Chinese characteristics

BEIJING, May 17 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping stressed the irreplaceable role of philosophy and social sciences for building socialism with Chinese characteristics, urging Chinese characteristics to be incorporated in their development.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, made the remarks in a speech delivered at a symposium on Tuesday to discuss philosophy and social sciences in China.

Xi said a country without advanced development of the natural sciences could not possibly be a leading nation, and neither can a country without booming achievements in philosophy and the social sciences.

Xi said people should recognize the irreplaceable roles played by philosophy and social sciences and the important work done by researchers in these fields.

Xi called for developing a system of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics that incorporates the country's socialist practices.

Xi noted that the current era is conducive to the development of philosophy and social sciences.

"China is undergoing the most profound and widespread social reform in its history," Xi said.

Such unprecedented practices will generate enormous power and broad space for developing theory, he added.

The present time requires great theory and great minds, Xi said, encouraging philosophy and social science researchers to respond to the call and pool their wisdom in the service of the Party and the people.

Xi said the country's study of philosophy and social sciences should focus on China and the contemporary era while using foreign studies and history as a reference and keeping concern for mankind and the future in mind.

Chinese characteristics should be incorporated into the guiding ideology, discourses and scholastic systems of these fields.

The president called for integrating Marxism, Chinese traditions and other schools in philosophy and the social sciences, Xi said, adding that confidence in the path, theory and system of socialism with Chinese characteristics should be strengthened.

"After all, confidence in our culture should be strengthened, which is a power that is more basic, deeper and more lasting," Xi said.

Xi said philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics should show originality and reflect the features of the times.

Only through original theories based on China's practical conditions can China's philosophy and social sciences establish their own systems, characteristics and advantages, Xi said.

China's philosophy and social sciences should focus on what China is doing now, he said, urging social scientists to study Chinese practices in society, the economy, politics and other fields.

Philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics should include various fields such as history, economics, politics, culture, society, ecology, the military, Party construction, and others, according to Xi.

Liu Yunshan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, also attended the symposium.


According to Xi, efforts should be made to "care for, foster and make full use of" the many intellectuals in philosophy and social science fields and make them "advocates of advanced thinking, trailblazers of academic research, guides of social ethos and staunch supporters of Party governance."

Xi urged special efforts to "spot, foster and assemble" a group of theoreticians well versed in Marxist theories and Chinese and Western cultures as well as young and middle-aged academic standouts who are energetic and dare to innovate.

"We should fully trust them politically, actively guide their thought, create favorable conditions for their work and take care of their livelihood," Xi said, calling on officials to take initiative in contacting and befriending scholars and experts and listening to their ideas and suggestions.

Calling for innovation in particular, the president encouraged "daring exploration" as well as "equal, healthy, vigorous and reason-based" academic discussion in the fields.

According to Xi, researchers and students should be precise, honest, responsible and modest while maintaining high ambitions in their academic pursuit, and they should maintain a serious attitude toward the potential social impact of their research.

During the symposium, scholars and research fellows from various disciplines such as philosophy, economics, history, law, Marxism and military science spoke and made proposals on the development of the philosophy and social sciences in the country.

Speakers included Justin Lin Yifu, former World Bank chief economist and now a professor at Peking University, Zhang Weiwei from the China Institute of Fudan University and Jin Yinan, a military strategist at the National Defense University of the People's Liberation Army.

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