S. China's Guangdong Province opens tourism representative office in Romania

BUCHAREST, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- A tourism representative office of the Guangdong Province, southern China was officially inaugurated here on Monday in a bid to promote the Romania-China tourism cooperation.

The move was hailed by Romanian officials and members of a visiting Guangdong provincial government delegation here at the China (Guangdong)-Romania Economic, Trade and Tourism Cooperation Conference.

"The Chinese market is a priority market for the Romanian tourism authority... We planned to organize info-trips with important Chinese tour operators and of course from Guangdong Province," President of Romania's National Tourism Authority Anca Pavel Nedea told the conference.

Vice President of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aurelian Gogulescu said Romania's tourism, same as other economic sectors, needs Chinese investment, and the creation of partnerships can be a solid foundation for economic development.

Representatives of more than 50 companies and some 20 industry associations from Guangdong gathered in Bucharest on Monday for face-to-face exchanges on bilateral cooperation with Romanian counterparts.

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