Low-cost airline Norwegian bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board

OSLO, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- Low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle said on Monday it has imposed ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on all of their flights amid safety concerns about the smartphone.

"We will inform all of our passengers that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are not allowed on board Norwegian's flights. Passengers with this type of phone can not bring it -- neither on board nor in checked baggage," the company said in a message posted on its website.

Before the ban the airline had allowed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on board but demanded that they should be turned off and not charged during flight.

A series of cases of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions have been reported since the new products were released in August. Samsung announced on Oct. 11 halting both production and sales of the devices.

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