WHO denies building pharmaceutical plant in Nigeria

LAGOS, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday refuted media reports that it plans to build a pharmaceutical plant in southeast Nigeria's Imo State.

In a statement made available to Xinhua, the organization said it does not get involved in the establishment of pharmaceutical plant, adding that it does not engage in commercial activities of any kind nor deal in direct service delivery for profit making.

The statement said WHO's mandate in the area of pharmaceuticals is limited to supporting governments around the world in formulation of policies, establishing norms and standards, and facilitating access to quality essential medicines.

"WHO therefore requests unreserved withdrawal of the article by the (Nigeria's) Nation Newspaper and correction of the erroneous impression it gives in order to limit damage to the reputation of the organization and the risk it poses to lives of its personnel," the statement added. Enditem

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