Nigerian president assures released Chibok girls of care, support

ABUJA, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday assured adequate care, support and quick community reintegration for the 21 Chibok school girls released last week by terrorist group Boko Haram.

Buhari, while receiving the girls at the Presidential Palace in Abuja, said the government would focus on how to help them achieve their goals in life after a horrifying experience in Boko Haram's den.

"These 21 girls will be given adequate and comprehensive medical, nutritional and psychological care and support. The Federal Government will rehabilitate them, and ensure that their reintegration back to society is done as quickly as possible," Buhari said.

A total of 276 girls were seized by armed men who stormed their dormitories on the night of April 14, 2014, at the Girls Secondary School in Chibok town of Borno State.

Fifty-seven girls were brave enough to escape then, while 219 others did not.

In May, one of the girls escaped from their captors with her baby.

With 21 girls released by their captors 913 days after the abduction last Thursday, 197 others are still being held.

"These dear daughters of ours have seen the worst that the world has to offer. It is now the time for them to experience the best that the world can do for them," Buhari said, while encouraging the girls to pursue their desired ambitions in life.

Upon arrival in Abuja, the released Chibok girls were attended to by a team of medical doctors, psychologists, social workers and trauma experts, among others, assembled to properly examine the girls, especially because they have been in captivity for so long.

Last Sunday, the Nigerian government announced it would see to the girls' education and future careers.

The Nigerian government is still negotiating on the release of the other girls still held by Boko Haram.

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