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Meet China's super realistic humanoid robot


Journalists were comunicated with Jia Jia in the World Robot Conference on Oct 20, 2016, a humanoid robot who is not only scarily lifelike, but intelligent and quick-witted too. She can speak, show micro-expressions and move its lips and body, she was dressed in a traditional Chinese outfit, hairstyle, complete with a classic hairpin, and immediately caught the attention of passers-by.(photo by PENG Yanli/GMW.CN)

The World Robot Conference 2016 has officially kicked off in Beijing with the theme "Collaborative Innovation toward the Building of an Intelligent Society."

The five-day event, organized by the Beijing municipal government, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will draw more than 300 top experts from 11 countries to discuss robotics education, driverless cars, artificial intelligence, drones, and other topics during 22 forums.

Last year, the conference drew more than 100 experts, 12 international robotics organizations and over 120 robotics companies.(PENG Yanli/GMW.CN)

[ Editor: Xueying ]