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Mysterious scenery of Hailuo Valley in China's Sichuan

The Hailuo Valley is located in the east hillside of the Gongga under the jurisdiction of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The Hailuo Valley lays at the foot of the Gongga snow-topped peak, famous for its low-elevation glacier.

The crystal glacier comes down and decorates the whole valley to be a pure white world——the huge ice cave and ice bridge make the scenery look like the crystal palace in the myths.

In the world of ice and snow, there are dozens of hot springs, exuding from the underground. The highest temperature of the spring mouth could reach 90`C.

In front of each spring mouth, there are always small pools, white and blue, which are as beautiful as miniascapes with jade sculptures. Water in the pools pours down——blue waterfalls with hot steam look tremendously beautiful.

The ancient forest is also an important feature of the valley.

Mysterious scenery of Hailuo Valley in China's Sichuan

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