Nepal gov't tables constitution amendment proposal in House

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Nepalese government on Tuesday night registered a constitution amendment proposal at the Legislature Parliament.

It is the second time the government works to amend the new constitution after its promulgation in September last year.

The constitution amendment proposal, which was approved by the Cabinet meeting earlier on Tuesday, included four broad issues, namely redrawing provincial boundaries, recognition of languages, citizenship and representation in the National Assembly in Nepal's constitution.

Nepalese Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Ajay Shankar Nayak registered the amendment proposal at the House.

The proposal was backed by most major political parties of Nepal except the main opposition CPN (UML).

This will be the second amendment to Nepal's new constitution, if approved by the two-thirds majority.

The first amendment to the constitution was made on Jan. 24 this year.

According to the government proposal, the demarcation of provinces 4 and 5 will be changed by swapping some districts.

New languages will be given the national language status and included in the constitution's schedule in line with the report given by the Language Commission formed by the government.

According to the amendment proposal, any foreign woman married to a Nepalese male can obtain naturalized citizenship after she abandons her citizenship of the country of her birth.

To make the Upper House of the Parliament more inclusive, the proposal has sought representation of one member each from Dalit (untouchable), woman and marginalized community categories and the remaining five to be elected on the basis of population of each province.

The composition of the Upper House is eight members from each of the proposed seven provinces.

Meanwhile, the CPN (UML), the main opposition party, has warned to launch massive protests against the constitution amendment proposals tabled by the government.

"The constitution amendment proposal may jeopardise country's territorial integrity and sovereignty inviting communal violence in the country. We are going to strongly protest against the constitution amendment proposals forwarded by the government at the House," CPN (UML) Secretary Pradeep Gyawali told local media.

Nepal issued the new constitution on Sept. 20 last year after it became secular republic in 2008 with the overthrow of the 240-year Monarchy.

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