African security conference participants vow to eliminate gender-based violence

KIGALI, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Over 250 women security officers from 37 countries across Africa attending Africa Regional Convention of Women in Security Organs here vowed to step up efforts to stamp out gender-based violence (GBV) in the continent.

The convention, organized according to the Kigali International Conference Declaration (KICD), was designed to redraw strategies for women officers to play their role in the fight against crimes, especially child abuse and violence against women and girls.

At the two-day event that opened Monday, the women officers from police, military and prison services called for more workshops and regular conferences and establishing anti-GBV centers in all member countries of KICD.

They also called for prioritizing countries that need more attention in fighting violence against women and girls to conduct capacity building and lend technical support.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Rwandan Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye said the fight to end violence against women and girls is a fight for development, good governance and dignity.

KICD was launched under UNiTE, a global campaign by outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to end violence against women and girls.

On Monday, Regional Center of Excellence against Gender-based Violence and Child Abuse in Africa backed by the UN and the World Bank, was inaugurated at the Rwanda National Police headquarters in Kigali.

The facility worth 852,618 U.S. dollars constructed with the support of the World Bank, is meant to facilitate gathering, management and sharing of information, according to officials.

It will also host the KICD secretariat to coordinate activities, and serve as a research center for capacity building, data collection, information exchange.

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