Sydney police sting operation targeting major gang activities nabs 9

SYDNEY, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Nine men have been charged following a series of police raids on alleged crime syndicates in Sydney that involved the murder of a mafia-like boss, firearms and drugs.

Police launched a major operation with 13 search warrants targeting criminal activities in more than 10 areas throughout the city on Tuesday, New South Wales police said in a media release on Wednesday.

The crackdown is part of Strike Force Osprey, which NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione launched less than two weeks ago after a series of killings involving major criminal figures on Sydney's streets.

"All those charged with substantive murder were charged in relation to Pasquale Barbaro," Assistant Commissioner Mark Jenkins told local media on Wednesday.

Barbaro, a 35-year-old mafia-like gang boss, was shot dead on a footpath in Sydney's western Earlwood suburb two weeks ago.

Four of the nine men are facing murder charges and are set to appear in court on Wednesday. The other five men are facing criminal group charges and are scheduled to be in court in December and January.

During the sting operation, police also seized more than 40 mobile phones/devices, 11 vehicles, a safe, cash and stolen police identification.

Earlier in the investigation, 20 long arms, 23 hand guns, 15 prohibited weapons, including ballistic vests and masks, silencers, a stun gun, and a homemade pipe gun; ammunition, methylamphetamine and ecstasy drugs, and five vehicles were also seized, police said.

"In recent weeks, we reaffirmed the NSW Police Force's commitment to cracking down on targeted violent crimes, and this operation is just the tip of the iceberg," Acting Deputy Commissioner Mennilli said.

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