New Zealand backs Aleppo ceasefire demand in UN Security Council

WELLINGTON, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully condemned the violence in the Syrian city of Aleppo Wednesday as his government signed up a to United NationsSecurity Council resolution demanding a ceasefire.

McCully said New Zealand had joined Egyptand Spainto put forward the joint resolution demanding a ceasefire in the besieged city.

"The presence of a few hundred Al-Nusra terrorists in eastern Aleppo does not justify an all-out attack on more than 250,000 civilians, the bombing of every hospital in the city, and cutting off the population from aid and outside assistance," McCully said in a statement.

"We have long been of the view that the Security Council needs to live up to its responsibilities and the resolution we have put forward spells out the requirements for a ceasefire, humanitarian access, and a resumption of negotiations in Syria," he said.

"Ultimately a resolution is not going to fix everything in Aleppo, but we need to try and put some pressure on those perpetuating the current violence to change their behavior. If they are not willing to change their behavior they need to accept the international condemnation and isolation that results from their actions."

The tabling of the joint resolution followed negotiations between Security Council members over the last two weeks, said McCully.

The resolution had been circulated to Security Council members and McCully said he would like to see it put to a vote as soon as possible.

New Zealand's two-year term on the UN Security Council comes to an end next month.

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