MEPs approve EU help scheme for growth enhancing reforms

BRUSSELS, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- A scheme offering members of the European Union(EU) technical help with growth-friendly structural reforms was backed by the Regional Development Committee in the European Parliament on Tuesday.

As part of the November 2015 European Semester package, the European Commission proposed a regulation establishing the Structural Reform Support Program 2017-2020.

The scheme, with a total budget of almost 142.8 million euros (151.76 million U.S. dollars), would provide technical assistance to improve national institutional and administrative capacities to carry out structural reforms.

According to the scheme, EU member states and their national, regional and local authorities would be provided support in policy areas such as public financial management, administration, labor markets, education and training, social security systems, migration and agriculture.

Supporting actions, such as seminars, working visits, training actions, collecting data and statistics, studies, and research would be taken on request of the EU member states.

"With this program, member states can be supported in their structural and administrative reforms, which are necessary for more jobs and growth," a member of European Parliament (MEP) Lambert van Nistelrooij said.

In order to strengthen the program, the Regional Development Committee has also included proposals to ensure more transparency for the implementation of the program.

The draft resolution was approved by 29 votes to 11. MEPs are mandated to start negotiations with the EU member states in order to reach an early agreement. According to EU legislation, any agreement will need to be voted by both co-legislators before entering into force.

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