Report urges investment in "key areas" of Britain's shipbuilding industry

LONDON, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- To ensure Britain's shipbuilding sector can thrive and meet future defense and security needs, the government and industry must invest in some "key areas," according to an independent report published Tuesday by Britain's defense ministry.

The government-commissioned report by British industrialist Sir John Parker, sets out far-reaching recommendations to transform the British shipbuilding industry.

It identifies key areas that require further investment, including modern digital engineering, industrial innovation, competitiveness, focus on apprenticeships and jobs, and exports.

"Should government, industry and the trade unions rise to the challenges I have set, I believe we can establish a new era of collaboration and success," said Parker in a statement.

One of the opportunities that Parker identifies is the way Scotland's cutting edge technology can allow for modular construction, in which ship components are produced across Britain before being assembled at a central hub.

The construction of the Royal Navy's largest-ever warships, the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, has already demonstrated the success of such an approach, according to Parker.

The British government will publish a full response and implementation plan in spring 2017. This response will be a vital part of the government's industrial strategy.

Britain is investing billions of pounds in a growing Royal Navy, building two new aircraft carriers, combat ships, submarines, and offshore patrol vessels.

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