Smogathon initiative examines counter-smog solutions in Poland

WARSAW, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- Panels with smog-absorbing moss were a winning project of Smogathon, an innovation initiative to fight air pollution held between Nov. 26 to 28 in Krakow, southern Poland.

Krakow is the city most affected by smog in the country and the11th most polluted city in the European Union (EU).

The winning project, CityTree, made by a German team, consists of panels overgrown with a special type of moss, which can absorb as much polluted air as 275 trees, according to its builders.

It also takes up 99 percent less space and fulfills an aesthetic function. The cost of this construction is about 25,000 euros(26,575 U.S. dollars).

During the 24-hour event, Smogathon participants were divided into 29 teams and presented projects evaluated by specialists from around the world.

Ten teams made the final, the main prize of which was 100,000 Polish zloty (23,960 U.S. dollars). Among the competing solutions were drones measuring pollution levels or towers used as huge fans, stimulating air circulation.

The aim of the Smogathon event is to create a sense of shared responsibility, raise awareness of the problem, promote cooperation and collective creativity, which can facilitate the development and implementation of ideas.

It is also aimed at searching for and implementing technologically effective solutions that can significantly influence the scale of pollution.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, Poland is one of the most polluted countries in EU.

Smog is a cause of premature death and many symptoms including headaches, allergies, cardiology problems, chronic tiredness and many diseases like cancer, leukemia, neurological pathology, and heart attacks. Enditem

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