China Focus: China in firm support of UN cause

BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Ever since the restoration of the lawful seat of the People's Republic of China at the United Nationsin 1971, the country has pledged to be -- and in fact has always been -- a staunch supporter, defender and participant of the UN cause.

China, with its unchanged commitment to the UN Charter, firm pursuit of world peace and development as well as deeper involvement in UN activities over the past 45 years, was called an "important pillar in the UN cause and multilateralism" by UN Secretary-General designate Antonio Guterres.

At a summit marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of UN in September 2015, China proposed a new approach to international relations, which featured win-win cooperation at its core, renewing its commitment to the purposes and principles set out in the UN Charter.

As the world's first major country to set win-win cooperation at the core of its diplomatic posture, China strived to honor its commitment to world peace through concrete actions.

Last year, China announced a 10-year, 1-billion-U.S.-dollar peace and development fund to support UN work and advance multilateral cooperation. It also promised to provide 100 million U.S. dollars in free military aid for the African Unionover the next five years support the establishment of the African Standby Force and the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crisis.

As the second largest financial contributor to UN peacekeeping and the largest contributor of troops among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, China is also working to establish a permanent peacekeeping police squad, and a standby peacekeeping force of 8,000 troops.

Meanwhile, China has contributed to the UN development agenda and global governance with initiatives including a 2-billion-U.S.-dollar assistance fund for South-South Cooperation, which will formally start operation by the end of this year, as well as substantial investment in some of the world's least developed countries.

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are also part of China's efforts to push for common development.

Moreover, China has ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change, paving the way for the implementation of the climate pact.

As the international situation develops, China is willing to enhance cooperation with the UN to address global challenges.

[ Editor: 刘家铭 ]


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