HK PolyU and Huawei set up joint laboratory in optical communications

HONG KONG, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and China's technology giant Huawei on Wednesday set up a joint laboratory for optical interconnection network and advanced computing system, which is the first such laboratory in Hong Kong.

Through the joint lab, PolyU and Huawei will work on researches relating to high-capacity optical communication systems including long-haul and short-reach data center transmission systems, computer networks and systems, and big data computing.

The joint lab aims to pioneer research in the field of optical communication systems and advanced computing systems by leveraging synergy of the industry and the university. It targets at bolstering significantly the capacity of internet systems through technological breakthroughs, as well as developing system infrastructure and algorithmic solutions for computing-driven innovation.

Professor Alex Wai, vice president of PolyU, said the joint lab is established to combine PolyU's strength in technological innovation and Huawei's leadership in the industry with an objective to developing high-capacity optical communication systems.

"It will enable a breakthrough in high-impact data technology to increase internet traffic significantly," Wai said.

Zha Jun, president of the Central Research Institute of Huawei, said the joint lab will help PolyU and Huawei further integrate their research talents so as to increase their global competitive advantages and foster more advanced innovations.

"By building together a platform to share resources for innovation, the joint lab will enable our complementary development so as to achieve high-level technology outputs and jointly nurture talents of high caliber. This will result in increased global competitiveness and a win-win situation," said Zha.

PolyU's collaboration with Huawei started in 2007, and their joint efforts have contributed to the establishment of the first 100Gbit/s per wavelength optical communication system in China.

Research experts from different PolyU academic and research units are engaged in numerous collaborative projects between PolyU and Huawei. Research areas include communication, big data, crowd sourcing platforms, mobile networks, wearable devices, algorithms and materials, among others.

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