Relative calm returns to Somalia town after clashes

MOGADISHU, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Relative calm has returned to the central Somali city of Galkayo, where clashes between rival state forces have killed more than 45 people and displaced 90,000 others since early October, a UN body said.

The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its latest report received on Wednesday that about 40 percent of the displaced people in Galkayo have begun to return to their homes.

"Most of those who have returned are from the host communities. Learning has also resumed for at least 20,000 learners who were affected by the conflict," the OCHA said.

Fighting broke out in Oct. 7 between forces from Galmudug state and Puntland state, and continued despite a ceasefire agreed between the state leaders and signed on Nov. 1.

A fragile calm has prevailed in the central town and its environs over the past three weeks after the international community pushed for the implementation of the ceasefire, and talks are now underway to agree on a reconciliation process.

The OCHA said some settlements for internally displaced people in Galkayo now remained deserted after the clashes.

"Based on the inter-agency rapid assessment conducted in October, up to 60 percent of IDPs residing in the town have been forced into secondary displacement," said OCHA, noting that more than 80 percent of the displaced were women, children and the elderly.

Galkayo is currently divided into two parts, which are governed by Galmudug and Puntland respectively.

The town has been plagued by recurrent clashes between the neighboring federal states that are fighting for its control. Enditem

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