15 pct of Vietnamese population suffer from mental disorders

HANOI, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Around 15 percent of Vietnamese population, or approximately 13.5 million people, suffer from 10 common mental disorders, according to the Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs on Wednesday.

Some 200,000 Vietnamese people suffer from severe mental illnesses, of whom, 98 percent cannot take care of themselves, 15 percent show violent behavior, and 37 percent are yet to receive medication for treatment, reported local Vietnam News online newspaper on Wednesday.

Around 18 percent of families of patients with severe mental illnesses reportedly face discrimination from the community, said the ministry.

The country has 45 social protection centers nationwide to offer care for patients with mental disorders. Shortage of facilities and trained staff were the main challenges to take care of such patients, said the ministry.

The ministry has targeted to provide care and functional rehabilitation services for 90 percent of people with severe mental illnesses by 2020, and conduct awareness programs so that local communities stop discriminating against patients and their families.

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