Civil conflict disrupts S. Sudan's mining sector: official

JUBA, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Civil conflict has disrupted South Sudan's nascent mining sector, stalling the few exploration activities for gold and limestone and causing government revenue losses, an official said Wednesday.

"South Sudan is very rich in minerals despite our problems, companies are still coming but only they can not work in the field due to insecurity," Undersecretary in the Ministry of Mining Andu Ezibon told Xinhua in an interview in Juba.

Andu said the government was losing gold that would help shore up the country's fragile economy due to the uncurbed presence of artisanal miners.

"The natives are extracting gold using simple tools and those people don't have a record of their work. They just start working and sell their gold to whoever can buy. The government is not getting anything since there are no records," he said. Enditem

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