Macedonia making all efforts to start accession talks with EU: FM

SKOPJE, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Macedonia remains committed to achieving its European Union (EU) bid, Macedonia's foreign minister Nikola Poposki declared Wednesday during a working breakfast with ambassadors of EU member states here.

The meeting was hosted by Slovakia's Ambassador to Macedonia Martin Bezak, whose country currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU, the foreign minister said in a statement.

Poposki discussed with EU member states ambassadors the European Commission progress report for the country, highlighting Macedonia's efforts to launch EU accession talks as soon as possible, the ministry said.

The Macedonian foreign minister also told ambassadors that Macedonia would focus on addressing European Commission recommendations towards progress in the European integration process.

Later on, Poposki briefed ambassadors on the preparations for the early parliamentary elections scheduled for Dec. 11.

Poposki expressed confidence that Macedonia would be able to carry out a successful electoral process, the statement said. Enditem

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