German recruitment increases slightly in Nov: data

BERLIN, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- German companies' willingness to recruit increased slightly in November, the Ifo research institute said on Monday.

The Ifo employment barometer index rose to 111.1 points in November from 110.7 points in October.

The barometer increased in construction and service sectors, while it dropped in manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing sectors, the Munich-based think tank said.

The report noted that firms from the sectors of manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing still plan to recruit, but less strongly than before.

"The number of jobs in Germany is on the rise," the report noted.

A poll of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry showed on Monday that German companies plan to hire a total of 450,000 new employees in 2017.

The Ifo Employment Barometer is based on about 9,500 monthly responses from businesses in manufacturing, construction, wholesaling, retailing and the service sectors. The surveyed companies are asked to report on their employment plans for the coming three months. Enditem

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