Italian police arrests over 100 in major anti-mafia operations

ROME, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- More than 100 people were arrested on Tuesday in three anti-mafia operations carried out by Italian police.

Some 46 suspects were arrested in the southern Calabria region, as part of an operation targeting a powerful clan of the local'Ndrangheta crime syndicate, Ansa news agency reported.

The deputy mayor in a small town near the regional capital Catanzaro was among those arrested.

Two more suspects are still at large.

All were charged with various crimes such as mafia association, extortion, illegal possession of weapons, and fraudulent asset ownership. Several assets were also seized during the operation, which was ordered by prosecutors of the Anti-Mafia District Directorate (DDA) in Catanzaro.

The total value of the seizure was not disclosed. The confiscated assets included a horse facility, a slot-machine distribution company, and several service companies, according to the authorities.

"Through these activities, the clan gained control of major tourism resorts (in the Calabria region), monopolizing maintenance, restoration activities, and food supply," the flying squad of Catanzaro police said in a statement.

Another 42 people were arrested in a separate operation targeting the Camorra mafia based in the Campania region. The raids were carried out by some 200 officials of the military Carabinieri police in towns on the outskirts of Naples.

Those arrested were charged with criminal association, drug trafficking, extortion, and illegal possession of weapons aggravated by mafia methods. The suspects were also allegedly involved in illegal activities in the construction industry, according to anti-mafia prosecutors in Naples.

An unknown amount of drug, weapons, and ammunition was seized in the raid.

In a third anti-mafia operation in the regions of Pulia, Lazio, and Lombardy, some 23 people were taken into custody. The operation was carried out by the Carabinieri police, and coordinated by investigators from five different Italian provinces.

Six bank officers were among the arrested, police said. All of the arrested suspects were charged with various crimes including mafia association, usury, illegal financial activity, money laundering, fraud, prostitution, and drug possession. Assets worth about 10 million euros (10.6 million U.S. dollars) were seized in this case, including 35 properties, four shops, four firms, and 33 bank accounts. Enditem

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