Eight miners killed in Polish copper mine disaster

WARSAW, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- In Rudna copper mine in southwestern Poland the rescue team found last three bodies of miners, bringing the death toll of Tuesday's earthquake to eight, said Pawel Markowski, director of the mine's operator KGHM.

The rescue mission ended on Wednesday evening. KGHM announced four days of mourning.

Markowski said that this earthquake was the biggest one in the past 55 years. The rescue action lasted for 24 hours.

The earthquake happened on Tuesday evening at 9:00 in Rudna copper mine near Polkowice in southwestern Poland. As a result of this disaster eight miners died and nine miners were injured.

The work of the rescue teams was difficult because of the situation underground, the temperature was as high as 30 Celcius. The rescuers had to work manually couldn't use any machines.

KGHM informed that earthquake caused enormous devastation and its magnitude was 3.4.

Prime Minister Beata Szydlo came to the Rudna copper mine and said the Polish government will help and give any necessary support if needed.

KGHM-copper is a leading copper mine in Europe.

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