Abbas warns Israel of withdrawing recognition

RAMALLAH, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that if Israeldoes not recognize Palestinian statehood, he would withdraw Palestinian recognition of Israel.

The Palestinians are seeking reciprocity and mutual respect, and therefore the recognition of Israel "will not last forever" if Israel continues to refuse to recognize Palestineas a state, Abbas said in his address to Fatah's 7th conference, where he was reelected as the chairman of the party.

He added that he "will never accept to recognize Israel as a Jewish state" and the Palestinians will never accept interim deals, sending a message to the Israeli society that "Palestinians want peace but it is your government that does not want it."

He added that Palestinians will pursue to seek full membership at the United Nationsand joining all possible international organizations.

Abbas mentioned that, after becoming a UN observer state, it has been allowed membership in 522 international organizations, but have so far joined 44, including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and International Criminal Court.

Despite the actions of the occupation, including settlements, killings and house demolitions, Palestinians will remain on their lands, said Abbas, adding that East Jerusalem will be the capital of the state of Palestine.

He called on the Islamic Hamas movement to work towards national reconciliation through the gate of democracy, calling for general elections to bring back unity to Palestinian ranks.

Some 1,400 delegates participated in the conference of the Fatah party in the West Bank city of Ramallah, which kicked off Tuesday, where a new leadership, a central committee and a revolutionary council will be elected.

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