Tianjin traffic police educate drunk drivers outside morgue

(Photo/Sina Weibo of Tianjin traffic police)

Recipients of DUI citations in Tianjin now face a much tougher and more emotional task, as the usual disciplinary measures - education and fines - may take place in front of a morgue.

During a routine night inspection on Nov. 29, traffic police led a group of drunk drivers directly to a morgue at a local hospital. Police officers also showed the drivers a wrecked car, in which a drunk driver had been killed. The car was carefully preserved after the accident, complete with its misshapen steering wheel and torn upholstery. There was even blood on the back seat, according to a live broadcast of the education course by Tianjin traffic police on Sina Weibo.

“I will never drive after drinking. This is horrible. If I had a car accident like this, my family would be devastated,” a drunk driver could be heard saying in the broadcast after seeing the car. The drivers were also shown a series of car crash videos right in front of the morgue.

Several posters on the Tianjin traffic police Weibo warned that two-time drunk driving offendors would be led inside the morgue for an even more intense lesson. The posters did not specificy whether or not they would be shown actual corpses.

The special education technique received a great deal of support from netizens. In an ongoing Weibo survey, over 90 percent of netizens said they totally supported the efforts by Tianjin traffic police. More than 3,700 had voted as of press time.

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