Rwanda optimistic on zero new HIV infections by 2030

KIGALI, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Rwanda's state minister of public and primary healthcare said Thursday the country is optimistic about reaching the target of zero new infections by 2030.

Speaking during events to mark World AIDS Day in Kigali, Patrick Ndimubanzi called for concerted efforts by individuals and institutions in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Rwandan government also announced a new campaign to raise HIV awareness, establish lasting partnership with local leaders, and give space to members of the community to explore different measures of HIV prevention.

This is part of efforts to create community ownership in fighting new infections and improving utilization of the available HIV program, officials said.

Olushayo Olu, country representative of the World Health Organization, observed that Rwanda has managed to stabilize HIV prevalence at 3 percent among people aged from 15 to 49 in the last decade.

The country also reduced mother-child transmission rate to less than 2 percent since the last three years and put about 82 percent of those living with HIV on ARVs treatment.

"The country is also one of the first to introduce the treat-all policy with good results," he said.

The government also announced Thursday that Rwandans living with HIV will be given antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) lasting three months to ease the burden of travelling monthly to get the drugs. Enditem

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