Two Iranian terror suspects charged in Kenya

NAIROBI, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Two Iranians were charged in a Kenyan court on Thursday with collection of information for commission of terrorist act.

State prosecutors said Sayed Nasrollah Ebrahim and Abdolhosein Gholi Safae with their Kenyan driver Moses Keyah Mmboga were arrested in Nairobi on Tuesday while taking photos of the Israeli embassy in Kenya.

The prosecutors said the two suspects used their mobile phone to collect the information for commission of terror act.

Mmboga was separately charged with aiding a terrorism offense. They were using an official car of the Iranian embassy for their mission.

The two are also said to have filmed the National Social Security Building which is adjacent to the Israeli Embassy. Police said they also visited a prison station, located about 20 km east of Nairobi, posing as lawyers for Iranians held there.

They were held in police cells until Tuesday when police hope they will be through with their investigations.

Kenya's security forces have beefed up security across the country including all entry points over fresh threats from terrorists.

Police chief Joseph Boinnet said on Tuesday that the increased security in the East African nation follows credible leads that Al-Qaida allied militant group, Al-Shabaab and the Islamic State are planning fresh attacks in the country. Enditem

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