Police dogs armed with VR glasses for better security

A police dog wearing video recorders is put into service in Beijing. (Photo/Beijing News)

A police dog wearing video recorders is put into service in Beijing. (Photo/Beijing News)

(ECNS) -- Police dogs wearing video recorders have been put into service in Beijing to help maintain public security, according to Beijing News.

The dog-mounted devices, a first in the world, can record panoramic views 10 meters away and transmit live video by Wi-Fi. Through virtual reality glasses, police can see the same view and command dogs to fulfill tasks even though they are not at the scene, said Wang Lei, a police officer.

A first batch of fifteen VR recorders have been fitted to police dogs.

Resembling an egg, the VR recorder weighs only 155 grams, and is made of shatter-resistant and waterproof materials, said Wang Huaiying, a chief technology officer with the police.

The equipment has 30 gigabytes of storage and can run for six hours on a single charge. Memory will be expanded to 50 gigabytes in future, Wang said, adding they would be able to record for eight days and nights.

Police dogs become used to wearing the high-tech equipment after training, police said, and are able to keep video recorders stable while running and sitting. They have taken part in police work including anti-narcotics efforts, as well as security and potential bomb inspections.

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