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Xi'an dog owners bring furry friends to cinema screening

On March 14, a cinema in the Qujiang district of Xi'an, Shaanxi province held the city's first pet-friendly screening of the film "A Dog's Purpose." To keep the cinema clean and tidy, each of the 50 canine attendees and owners were provided with two diapers, a bottle of water, a disposable plastic bowl and a bag of tissues.

"Some big cities in China already allow pets in public places," said Zhu Rui, the organizer of the activity and also a veterinarian. "The movie 'A Dog's Purpose' is very touching. We hope the relationships between owners and dogs will be deepened after they watch the movie together. We also want to promote the notion of not abandoning or giving up dogs, and we hope owners can care for their dogs in a proper manner."

[ Editor: Xueying ]

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