Singapore's airport, airline, tourism authority jointly invest to promote inbound travel

SINGAPORE, April 17 (Xinhua) -- Singapore's Changi Airport Group (CAG), Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB) will jointly invest 33.75 million Singapore dollars (24.17 million U.S. dollars) to promote inbound travel, said CAG on Monday in a press release.

The partnership among the three parties will focus on promoting Singapore as a stopover or twinning destination to travelers globally.

This augments the previous approach of only targeting travelers from specific long-haul markets such as the United States and Europe, the release added.

CAG said the partnership will also focus on the broadening of a marketing program to woo business and Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) visitors.

The partnership will further refresh the Free Singapore Tour (FST), to include more authentic experiences curated based on travelers' interests, such as a foodie tour where participants get to sample a popular local delight.

Lionel Yeo, chief executive of Singapore Tourism Board said, "STB's collaboration with CAG and SIA is a prime example of how we partner with industry players for tourism success."

"This partnership between our airport, national carrier and national tourism body is a powerful one that has helped to boost Singapore's tourism growth in the recent years," he added.

[ Editor: Liu Jiaming ]


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