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662 dress up as Chaplin's 'Tramp' at star's Swiss home

662 dress up as Chaplin's 'Tramp' at star's Swiss home

Some of the 662 participants of the world’s largest gathering of people dressed as The Tramp to mark Charlie Chaplin's 128th birthday and Chaplin's museum's 1st anniversary are seen in Corsier sur Vevey, Switzerland, April 16, 2017. The Chaplin's World museum said 662 people with the star's distinctive bowler hat and cane gathered at the Manoir de Ban in Corsier-sur-Vevey, above Lake Geneva. The Manoir de Ban is where Chaplin lived his last 25 years, raising children, writing music and movie scripts and contemplating his legacy far from the glare of the Hollywood spotlight. He died in 1977. (Photo/Agencies)

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