Modi pulls up Indian bureaucrats for red tape

NEW DELHI -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday pulled up the country's bureaucrats for red tape and asked them to change their mindset as well as their working style to cope with the times.

"With changing times, a need may arise that we may have to change our working style. From regulator, we need to be an enabling entity," Modi told a gathering of top bureaucrats at a function in the national capital.

"Earlier, the role of the government, from healthcare to wanting to set up an industry, was very strong. Things have been changing for the past 15 years. This is the time for out-of-the-box thinking and confident decisions," he said.

Urging bureaucrats to take decisions that are in national interest, the prime minister said, "Don't make decisions which are temporary or offer a temporary fix for your particular area. It is important to make ourselves relevant in changing times or else, we will become obsolete."

Corruption and red tape are often cited as deterrents to foreign investment in India.

Modi has been trying to cut the red tape since coming to power in May 2014 and set an ambitious goal of making India one of the 50 most business-friendly destinations in the world.

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