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In 2016, more than 1,700 freight trains ran back and forth between China and Europe, traveling more than 17 million kilometers, equivalent to circling the earth 424 times. Chinese people can now go to cities like Moscow, Warsaw, Nuremberg and London by train.

China-Europe exchanges date back long, Silk Road has been famous all along

Gone is the sound of camel bells, now sirens sound loud

Globalization, global village

China-Europe freight trains bind countries closer

Trains come and go, bringing dividends for all to share

Railways crisscross

Weaving a new pattern called “Belt and Road”

Let’s salute “Belt and Road”, promoting “Wutong” (Policy coordination, Facilities connectivity, Unimpeded trade, Financial integration and People-to-people bond) is crucial!

Let’s salute “Belt and Road”, making the process one of sharing!

Let’s salute “Belt and Road”, , building a platform that benefits all!

In 2013, the world’s ailing economy cried for a new driver.

Countries turned their eyes to the East

President Xi showed the direction, “Belt and Road” resonates worldwide

One belt, the Silk Road economic belt

Countries enter a new era

One road, the maritime Silk Road in the 21st century

A road of mutual benefits is being paved

A road connects many places

China-Europe freight trains are busy transporting

Suzhou to Warsaw, Zhengzhou to Hamburg

Nanjing connects with Moscow, Changchun with Nuremberg

Also Yiwu to London, lines are too many to list

Economic and trade exchanges thrive, with freight trains loaded to capacity

China-Europe freight trains grow fast

Creating a fresh corridor of growth potentials

For “Belt and Road” to prosper

“Wutong” is crucial

Policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bond

Policy coordination needs trust, cooperation entails sincerity

Facilities connectivity will be a good beginning, paying the way for cooperation

Financial integration is all peoples’ wish, making trade more convenient

Unimpeded trade promotes prosperity, improving livelihoods of all

People-to-people bond is a cantata, making the world a better place to be

“Belt and Road” is no solo, all countries are good musicians

The chorus is loud and beautiful, people come to sing together

President Xi shows foresight

“Belt and Road” wins hearts near and far

2017 needs people’s joint efforts

Chinese Dream is now connected with the world’s

China’s road, “Belt and Road”, roads are all unimpeded

World’s expectations converge in May

BRF ushers in a brand new age

Together we compose a new chapter for mankind

Let’s salute “Belt and Road”, promoting “Wutong” is crucial!

Let’s salute “Belt and Road”, making the process one of sharing!

Let’s salute “Belt and Road”, building a platform that benefits all!

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Editor: Qiu Xueying

Translator: Zhang Zhou

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