Japan open to more monetary easing if needed: BOJ chief

TOKYO, May 16 (Xinhua) -- Bank of JapanGovernor Haruhiko Kuroda said on Tuesday that the Japanese central bank is open to more monetary easing measures if needed, following remarks last week on considering an "exit strategy" from the easy monetary policy.

Kuroda said at a symposium in Tokyo on Tuesday that the bank is confident of achieving its 2 percent inflation target "sometime in fiscal 2018."

But when asked whether the bank will consider expanding easing if it deems the target hard to achieve, the BOJ chief gave an affirmative answer, saying that the bank aims to reach the price target at the earliest possible time.

Kuroda told a parliamentary session last week that he would consider plans for the central bank to exit from its aggressive monetary easing measures.

The statement has been considered as a shifting in tone from his earlier standing that it was too soon to consider putting an end to the easing measures.

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