Poor swell halts Rio Pro

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 16 (Xinhua) -- World Surf League officials called a second consecutive lay day at the Rio Pro on Tuesday due to continued choppy conditions at Itauna beach.

"We have seen bigger waves today but their shape is poor due to the wind," WSL vice commissioner Travis Logie said.

"We are monitoring the forecast and there is expected to be a big swell over the next few days but we need to deal with these winds, which aren't great here."

When competition resumes, competitors will pick up where they left off on Sunday in the fifth round.

The match-ups are: Wiggolly Dantas of Brazil against Australia's Joel Parkinson; an all-Brazilian duel between Gabriel Medina and Yago Dora; South Africa's Jordy Smith against Australian Julian Wilson; and the USA's Kanoa Igarashi against Matt Wilkinson of Australia.

Triple world champion Mick Fanning has already secured a quarterfinal spot, as has compatriots Adrian Buchan and Owen Wright. Brazil's Adrian de Souza is also through to the next round.

Hawaii's defending world champion John John Florence was eliminated by Dora in Round 3.

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