World’s first full-body PET-CT scanner unveiled at medical equipment fair in Shanghai

World’s first full-body PET-CT scanner unveiled at medical equipment fair in Shanghai

A new PET-CT scanner has been unveiled at the China International Medical Equipment Fair in Shanghai. It is the world’s first full-body dynamic scanner.

The scanner, named uExplorer, is 2 meters long and can scan the entire body. Its creators are now applying for approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and it is expected to hit the market by the end of 2018, according to Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare, one of its designers.

The uExplorer boasts milestone significance in the field of medical imaging, as it is 40 times more sensitive than most scanners that were previously available, and can shorten scan times to less than 30 seconds. Radiation impact has also been decreased to about one-fortieth of average scanners, making it safe for pregnant patients and infants, reported. The equipment can even present images in four dimensions.

Li Hongdi, CEO of Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare’s U.S. subsidiary, told reporters that the scanner is “mind-blowing.”

“It means doctors can see the full body scan at the same time, and the imaging is dynamic. We can work to find out how our brains give orders to different organs, to name one example,” Li said, adding that preliminary research and development of the scanner cost some $15.5 million.

The uExplorer could also speed up pharmaceutical development for new medicines targeting specific diseases, making treatments more precise and effective. Given its high sensitivity, the scanner can also detect more minor indicators at an earlier time.

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