Gaza militants call for confronting Israel to support striking prisoners

GAZA, May 18 (Xinhua) -- Militants of the armed wings of six Palestinian factions, including Islamic Hamas movement, called on Thursday for violent confrontation with Israelin support for Palestinian prisoners.

Masked militants told a news briefing in Gaza City that they call on the Palestinians to head to the borderline area between the Gaza Strip and Israel on Friday and clash with the Israeli soldiers stationed on the borders.

The militants' call was made as hundreds of Palestinian prisoners have been going on a hunger strike in Israeli jails for 31 days.

The masked militants, wearing military uniform and holding guns, said in a joint statement "We warn Israel of any harm that could happen to any striking prisoner in its jails," adding "In this case, we will not remain idle."

The striking prisoners warned that they may stop drinking water in case that the Israeli prisons' services and the Israeli government won't respond to their demands.

"If the peaceful protests were not active to oblige the occupation to meet the demands and needs of the prisoners, then we will get to the language of force and we are ready to deal with the enemy (Israel) using the language it understands," the statement said.

Earlier on Thursday, Nikolay Mladenov, the United NationsSpecial Coordinator said in an emailed press statement that it is necessary to find a fast solution to the striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

"I'm following with deep concerns the hunger strike of the Palestinian prisoners that has been going on for one month," said Mladenov, "It's so important to be committed to the laws of human rights and Israel's commitment to it."

On Wednesday, Eassa Qaraqe'a, chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners' Corporation in the PalestineLiberation Organization (PLO), said in a press statement that Israel is still refusing to negotiate with the prisoners and respond to their human demands.

He held Israel responsible of any consequences or harm that would occur to the prisoners and their life, adding that the Palestinian leadership "is holding high-level contacts to pressure on Israel to meet the prisoners' demands."

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