Chinese national publicity film

In October 2003, the first Chinese citizen saw his homeland from outer space and the mythology and dreams of thousands of years became a reality. Our songs of how the earth is our garden and our pride in surviving our long history suddenly became more vivid and clear.


Who are the Chinese? What makes us who we are? But even before this momentous chapter in our history, Chinese people have always regarded themselves from multi-faceted angles. Is tradition a burden or kind of a driving force for development? Do we take our cultural heritage too seriously or not seriously enough? Do you see conflict or fusion, nostalgia or visions of the future?

Chapter 1: Opening the door with confidence

In 1979, China opened the biggest window in the world to the outside and China suddenly dazzled people with the panorama of change. Some may argue under such huge material and mental stimulation, it would be hard to maintain equilibrium.

(F) In my mind, china is a country that has very strong inclusiveness.

(F) She is a country with rich culture.

(M) She has a long history, but also changes every day.

But after 30 years, the world has seen how much China’s profound history and cultural essence has given, lead us to flexibility and unity when facing fast transformation.

(China’s WTO accession negotiations Chief Expert Long Yongtu)

Chinese people are getting more and more confident because of the increasing national strength.

Observers must admit in its meeting with the world, China has preserved its own special character. Thirty years of opening has been a time of bravely facing the new and stepping forward on a path of our own choosing. Several respective international polls rank us No.1 in terms of public confidence in the future. Is this confidence underpinned by GDP growth or thousands of years of culture or the efforts of many millions of people. We believe China will deliver an answer before too long.

Chapter 2: Growth with sustainability

Over two thousands of years ago, the great Chinese philosopher Mencius observed, “a refraining from overfishing will ensure fishing last forever, and also cutting wood according to the season ensures healthier forest.” Such century-resulted wisdom now goes by the name “sustainable development”. In China today, you can see GDP increasing, personal income increasing, and with that the increase of people’s dreams. You can also see people sharing the increase in educational opportunities.

(M) Recently, the development of Chinese education is amazing.

(F) The exam-oriented education is changing to quality-oriented education step by step.

(F) It will be more and more kinds of method for teaching, and our children will get diversified education.

As energy needs have increased, so has China’s international environmental responsibility. Chinese people know that our beautiful country and our children’s futures are too high a price to pay for economic growth.

Chapter 3: Development with sharing

A leading European city? It’s actually Shanghai. In China today, foreign professionals are arriving with tourists to be the largest overseas group.

(M) I came here twice a year for business,and fell Chinese people are very nice.

(M) I’ve been in China and studied in university.There are many opportunities in business.

(M) Every part of china,you have like different culture,I think it’s the best place in Asia.

(M) The number of foreign people around us is increasing.

(F) China has been very international

The Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the fact that more and more foreigners are starting their careers in China.

(Well-known television host Zeng Zimo)

During Olympic Games, I think every Chinese who live all over the whole world, no matter where ever you live which corner of the earth you will be proud of being a Chinese.

As such the results of sustained economic development have all enhanced our growing status on the world stage. Sharing the fruits of development among the different sectors of society has been our first priority in our thoughts and actions. In Beijing, migrant workers’ children have their own special educational arrangements. Sharing the benefits of growth in a reasonable way is an unwavering goal we must pursue.

(M) Our country is encouraging the urban-rural integration

(M) All levels of the society can enjoy the benefits from government.

(M) Social insurance system is also improving.

Chapter 4: Multiculturalism with shared prosperity.

While living some 5.000 km apart, the 55 ethnic minorities in the far North, South, East, West of China, over thousands of years, have mixed with Han culture and added to our cultural richness and diversity. Our new-found prosperity has given minorities more choices to enhance traditional lifestyles and increase mobility and communication. Minorities enjoy relative liberal regulations allowing them to pass their unique heritage on to their children. Such unique freedom further adds to our country’s rich cultural diversity and odditiously blends the imaginations of east and west, ancient and modern.

( Fashion designer Guo Pei )

I believe that Chinese spirit is a kind of persistence, that is a tenaciously persistence.

( Contemporary artist Feng Yan )

The art is not like a star high above in the sky. It also doesn’t have to be lordliness or elitist. It can be received by everyone.

( Cultural scholar Wu Hongliang )

It should be said that today is an era in which the artistic ecology is the most abundant, and active over the past century.

Painting, sculpture, music, architecture, movies, Chinese arts are unified by a clear national identity. China is more encouraging of unique individuals and styles. Such diversity is the corner stone of our brave and open-minded future.

Chapter 5: Freedom with responsibility

China today is home to 780.000.000 mobile phone users and 420.000.000 Internet users. And everyday many millions communicate and express themselves to a modern technology. Chinese netizens are becoming accustomed to influencing regional and global opinions.

(F) The role of netizen is varied

(M) They are collector of information but also distributors.

From all over the globe, Chinese netizens are showing their instant compassion and eagerness to strengthen the society by helping those most in need.

( “Chinese Weekly” editor”&“Chinese Reform” managing editor Hu Shuli )

It isChinese people to adhere to the environment no matter how hard, no matter how great the setback is, we stick to it. Optimism and self-confidence persistence is a character of Chinese.

Our people’s optimism and generosity is born of huge loyalty and love for their country.

(M&F) Voice from the heart, love with your heart, love without words.

Chapter 6: Expanding democracy with stable authority

Understanding a little of Chinese history shows that recent years have involved compression or even skipping over important stages of development. Heroes of China have always struggled during complex stages of development to build democracy. It’s not hard to imagine how hard this has been. Today around 900.000.000 people in the Chinese countryside enjoy village voting rights. The world applauds such training for democracy. After all, before flourishing nationally, free elections must begin at the village level. The National People’s Congress remains China’s supreme legislate body. Since the late 1970s, far fair and more transparent margin elections have been used to elect NPC delegates. Here the most important decisions in the country are made.

(M) We can really feel we are the master of the country.

(M) People of our country feel happy because the development of our country is moving fast.

This is China’s period of greatest change. A proper legal framework is starting to replace the habit of personal relationships as the principle weapon and defense the people’s interests.

(F) Civilization of legal already exists in everyone’s daily life.

(M) The development of construction of democracy and legal system is improving every day.

(M) Consciousness of law is increasing in China and people know how to protect their right by law gradually.

Chapter 7: Economic differences with mutual respect

During an economic takeoff, difference between rich and poor can sometimes be seen. Is this something Chinese should worry about? Much Chinese new wealth calls a rags-to-riches story. And people remember, not so long ago, they had only a dream in their pocket. People can transform from poverty to richness in a single day but it will never change the respect and love between people. And everyone who has a dream deserves respect. Improved living conditions ensure everyone can contribute to public service initiatives.

(M) Everyone should have responsibility, be kind with each other, and take care of each other. In my eye, china is wonderful right now.

(The Chinese University of Hong Kang Professor Lang Hasin Ping )

The Chinese university of Hong Kong Professor Lang Hsienping

Thoughts of “conceal wealth in public” need to be realized in real life. And also need to be the pursuit of our government. What is more important is that people really believe in this. I think this country will be more harmonious.

Chapter 8: Prosperity with prudence

Chinese people are shifting from being consumers of materials to non-material goods. Besides buying cars and houses, people are buying a modern life style.

(F) We spend less on food and drinks in daily life, and we pay more attention on the enjoyment of spiritual life, such as travelling and so on.

(M) We spend more money on personal accomplishment and spiritual life.

As saving money has long been a national virtue, China can back its development with strong financial reserves. When celebrating China’s 60th anniversary, the government also demonstrated the value of thrifty. The Shanghai Expo is similarly leading the way in recycling.

(M) In terms of environment protection, our society is improving gradually.

(M) Many solutions have never been seen before, such as rubbish classification or energy-saving and emission-reduction.

Chinese people understand future happiness must be built on the foundation of the past. Chinese people have never cherished their cultural heritage more than today, nor felt more its lingering charm which is why after so many generations we are still here. From tradition to revelation, inspired by the future, Chinese people are creating an even newer way of thinking: building this generation’s new common spirit.

(F) I wish china will be more beautiful.

(M) China, more prosperity.

(F) China, more wonderful

(M) China, move on.

(M&F) Hello, the world.

China on the way!

[ Editor: Xueying ]


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