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2017 SyScan360 Information Security Conference Held in Seattle

2017 SyScan360 Information Security Conference Held in Seattle

The 2017 SyScan360 Information Security Conference is hosted by Qihoo 360, China’s largest Internet security company, in Seattle, the US, from May 30 to 31 (Beijing time).(Photo provided to Guangming Online)

SEATTLE, May 31(Guangming Online)——The 2017 SyScan360 Information Security Conference was hosted by Qihoo 360, China’s largest Internet security company, in Seattle, the US, from May 30 to 31 (Beijing time). Representatives from global tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Intel, McAfee and Pangoo participated in the conference and delivered speeches covering several fields of security including vulnerabilities research. Many impressive research achievements were made public for the first time.

SyScan (The Symposium on Security for Asia Network) has been one of the most prestigious Internet information security events since first inaugurated in 2004. It has been presented as SyScan360 since SyScan has joined Qihoo360, China’s largest Internet security company. This was the first time for the event to be held in the US.

The conference, which represents the highest level in global security vulnerability research, attracted high attention from global industry insiders. Though tickets of the event were expensive, people from 18 famous institutions like MIT, Boeing, HP, NVIDIA and GE bought the tickets, and researchers from five countries including India and Japan bought training courses at an average price of $6,000 per person.

This change reflects the fact that Chinese Internet security researchers have made remarkable progress and even surpassed foreign researchers in some vertical fields in recent years. Chinese Internet security companies like Qihoo 360 are already able to keep pace with top foreign companies.

Twenty speakers from Microsoft, Google, McAfee and Qihoo 360 shared their latest, industry-leading research achievements, covering Microsoft Office vulnerabilities, the Internet of Things, internal system security, monitoring via breaking subtitles vulnerabilities, IOS vulnerabilities, Android vulnerabilities attack, QEMU, breaking vulnerabilities through math, Google vulnerabilities, Machine learning and breaking vulnerabilities via symbols.

This SyScan360 conference was a grand get-together for leading Internet security experts to compare notes and share experiences. It’s not difficult to find out that Chinese technicians assumed a leading role through demonstrating their professional skills at training sessions, keynote speeches as well as experience sharing at the conference. They are showcasing China power in Internet security.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]