Zoorassic Park to be launched in London Zoo

LONDON, June 12 (Xinhua) -- London Zoo announced Monday its collection of wild animals is to be joined this summer by the most colossal creatures ever to walk the earth, dinosaurs.

For six weeks, visitors to the famous zoo will be taken back in time to a prehistoric world where they will come face-to-face with life-size, moving dinosaurs.

The new herd of animals will include the giant but gentle brachiosaurus to the towering tyrannosaurus rex.

Zoorassic Park is to be launched at London Zoo on July 22 by children's television presenter Andy Day to coincide with summer vacation time at British schools.

A spokeswoman for ZSL who run London Zoo, said: "Visitors will take a trip via a time machine to the Mesozoic era, about 65 million years ago, where our tour guides will help visitors spot dino-faves like the triceratops, standing guard over its nest, or take them through an encounter with the armor-plated edmontonia, a tank-like dinosaur covered in spikes".

Families will be given their own passports for the time travel safari, which will take them on a journey of discovery taking in the fascinating creatures, as well as learning all about the important work ZSL's conservationists are doing to help prevent today's animals from becoming extinct.

There will even be eight sleep-overs at the zoo to enable young dinosaur fans to continue their time travel adventure by sleeping near the mega-lizards and experiencing the sights and sounds of London Zoo at night.

[ Editor: Xueying ]


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