China-Northeast Asia Expo to debut intelligent manufacturing pavilion

BEIJING, June 15-- A pavilion showcasing intelligent manufacturing products will make its debut at the 11th China-Northeast Asia Expo to be held in Changchun, north China's Jilin Province, September 1-5.

The pavilion will exhibit cutting-edge technology in robotics and 3D printing, Li Jinxiu, deputy head of the organizing committee and also vice governor of Jilin Province, said at a press conference Thursday.

This year's expo will include eight other pavilions with the themes ranging from financial innovation and international merchandise to food and medicine, according to Li.

The five-day event is expected to draw 100,000 attendees, including about 10,000 international participants.

The expo serves as a platform for the promotion of regional cooperation in Northeast Asia and for the rejuvenation of the rust belt in China's northeast.

Since the expo started in 2005,it has added trade deals valued at more than 8 billion U.S. dollars.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]


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