Brazil's Temer to seek investments in Russia, Norway

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 19 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's President Michel Temer travels to Russia and Norway on Monday, with the goal of tightening relations between Brazil and these European countries.

Temer will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Vladimir Medvedev in Moscow, King of Norway Harald V and Prime Minister Erna Solberg in Oslo, and investors.

"President Temer will reaffirm his message of strong commitment to his reform agenda and to greater integration of the country with the global flows of trade and investment," said his spokesperson, Alexandre Parola, at a press conference.

In Russia, his agenda will focus on capturing investments for energy, railways, ports and other areas of infrastructure.

Temer and Putin will also oversee the signing of bilateral agreements in areas such as trade and investment promotion, cultural exchanges and political consultancies, with agriculture also set to play an important role.

In Norway, however, Temer's visit will be centered around the environment. The Nordic country is the largest contributor to Brazil's Amazon Fund, having provided 850 million U.S. dollars so far.

The Amazon Fund currently operates 89 projects covering areas such as the fight against deforestation, agricultural regulation, land management and the protection of indigenous lands.

Furthermore, Norway is also the eighth largest foreign investor in Brazil, especially in the energy sector.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]


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