Sri Lanka launches criminal probe into 2012 prison riot

COLOMBO, July 13 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka on Thursday began criminal investigations into a deadly 2012 prison riot.

The police said the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had commenced investigations into the Welikada prison riot.

The riot in 2012 left 27 inmates dead and several others injured. The riot broke out during a search for illegal arms.

The government had appointed a committee to investigate the riot and a report was compiled on the incident but it was not made public.

In January, the Human Rights Commission in Sri Lanka (HRCSL) recorded a statement from journalist Kasun Pussewela over the riot, who had filed a petition at the HRCSL.

Pussewela had sought an investigation into the incident, saying there was ample evidence to prosecute those who were responsible for killing prisoners and taking part in the riot.

The HRCSL obtained written evidence from Pussewela as well as video and photographic evidence.

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